Made in Italy performance.

Highly durable systems for storing, dosing, and blending food ingredients.

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Technosilos plant Technosilos plant

Store and mix food and beverages to perfection.

Technology to handle solids and liquids with enduring quality.

Loading and unloading raw materials

Automatic and semi-automatic systems for handling all forms of raw materials: bulk, bags, big bags, palletized containers, and bins.


Turnkey solutions to protect your ingredients.


Simplifying the transfer of raw materials into production.


Dozens of solid or liquid ingredients automatically weighed with precision.


Customized design for each type of production and ingredient.


A complete solution for grinding ingredients into smaller particles.


Fully automatic systems for controlling ingredients for consistent product quality.

An opportunity made in Italy. And now arrived in the USA.

We are looking for ambitious resellers and distributors in the United States to represent our advanced Made in Italy raw materials handling technology, and back it up with great after-sales support.

Together, we can offer high-performance systems for life.

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Why work with Technosilos?

Made in Italy customized design. State-of-the-art systems. And the capability to deal effortlessly with unlimited work cycles over long periods of time.

Technosilos offers world-class food and liquid handling systems to meet every requirement.


performance maintained over time


active installations in the United States


years expertise supplying systems around the world

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Our projects always have two things in common.

The highest industry standards. With unrivaled levels of customization.

Long gone are the days when we produced flexible sacks for transporting semolina.

Today, Technosilos designs, manufactures, and installs complete, fully customized management systems for powdered and liquid ingredients – and for every step from storage through to dosing.

Non-stop innovation has taken us to the forefront of a fast-changing market. We supply our systems worldwide, including the US, and continue to expand this significant international presence.

To power our growth to the next level, we are now looking for reliable partners able to support us with the kind of superior after-sales service associated with North America.

If that sounds exciting, please get in touch. We’d love to meet you.